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Quality Assurance Versus Quality Control

Date Added: May 09, 2008 01:12:14 PM
Category: Business: Industrial Services

Quality Assurance and quality control leave most property managers vaguely understanding the differences between the two processes. Both are important concepts to every business. Managing quality means you must understand the expectations of what your customer needs and then place a practical plan into effect to meet those requirements in a timely, cost effective way.

Quality Assurance for property managers is the process of creating deliverables. This process can be done by the property managers, the client or an outside source. The activities related to assurance involve tasks from designing, developing, producing, service, installing verifying, documenting and validating. The quality of raw material, assembling the products and components involved and any services related to production, management, and inspection all fall under the regulation of the do it right the first time rules.

One example of assurance for property managers includes process checklists. Another is project audits. For example, a project gets audited. The auditor might not see if the content is acceptable but they should be able to see the deliverable is acceptable by the process used to create it. Auditors can perform assurance reviews on projects because they know what good processes should be.

Measurements are not a part of assurance processes, but evaluators use past experience or regualtions for guideance in determining the quality of the process. Basically, the assurance of quality is determined by high level policies, work instructions, procedures or government regulations.

Quality Assurance software provides a solution for tracking and reporting analytics. An important function of the software is flexibility and the customization ability. Every company will have varying process determinations so it is important the software solution meets the needs of various industries.

On the other hand, quality control refers to work related to the creation of the product or project. It is used to make sure the end product is acceptable, complete and correct. Some examples of quality control include peer reviews and testing processes. In very basic terms, quality control is the process of comparing a product with the original specifications or plans

Quality control is the final check to determine if the product, the product plan, or part is acceptable or unacceptable. Quality control members document reviews, calibrate or other types of testing by measuring such as sampling. Quality Assurance does not have these tasks occuring as often as in quality control. Someone directly associated with research, design or production usually performs these tasks. The employee reports to his manager.

The software involved in quality control should perform automatic electronic tests and checks via a web based system. The following checks might include documenting customer complaints, keep records of forms and documents connected with the steps of the process, any forms routing and collaborate tasks

Quality Assurance and quality control need to be separate processes for several reasons.

The product may be acceptable but the process might be faulty, for example too much time to complete.
Separate individuals should perform control and assurance to avoid conflict of interest.
The activities are inherently different. The control tasks measure specific things such as the specs or numbers while the assuarance focuses on written policies, management ideas or higher rank work instructions.
Both quality control and assurance need to receive equal amount of evaluation and management. Some property managers devote too much time to quality control and less to the process.

There is a differnce in quality activities. One focuses on the product itself while the other is devoted to the process used to make the product.


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